The word GS is a short form of ‘Grade School,’ which means the size of the shoes in relation to an average kids’ shoe size. This term is a specific modification for sneakers shoes from Nike and Jordan and generally refers to a smaller shoe size that can fit either a boy or girl.

The GS shoe sizes start from 3Y and go up to 7Y with the main difference between the two being their quality and pricing.

The best thing about these shoe sizes is that they can fit adults with small, slender feet. If you’ve such feet, you can go for the biggest GS sizes, which will help you save some costs as GS sneakers are cheaper than adult sneakers.

For example if you normally wear a UK 5 and you are an adult or a child, we would recommend purchasing a UK 5.5Y GS as these GS sizes do fit on the smaller side.

If you do order from us and the size is not suitable, please do not worry as we offer exchanges. Please see here for more information