At Double Boxed, we guarantee 100% authenticity, meaning all our products are thoroughly checked upon their entrance and exit from our Warehouse. Our Warehouse Team uses an extensive process to ensure the items we sell are up to our high standards. You can read more about this HERE

Certain silhouettes and models of sneakers are susceptible to small errors(or flaws). Most notably, this list would include:

Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda

Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog 

Nike Air Jordan 4 GS Pairs

Nike quality checks every pair prior to the release of the pairs. However, we have recently noticed these minor errors are more apparent on models that are manufactured in larger quantities. A consequence of this is that when the pairs are received by our Warehouse Team, the pairs still are authenticated as such minor errors are recurrent on the listed models. 

Examples of these errors include the following:

Visible Glue Marks 

Sometimes glue can be visible around the leather joins. Small amounts of this are standard on certain silhouettes. We have found that the coloured glue can be easily removed with sneaker wipes or a slightly damp cloth. The clear glue used by Nike’s production team however is harder to remove, however its clear nature makes it more difficult to identify.


Alterations to the Sneaker’s Upper

Sometimes when we receive sneakers, the shoes might have not been secured properly in their boxes. As a consequence, we have noticed minor dents within the leather. We always ensure to reorganise the sneaker within the packaging and shoebox. We find that normally these dents relax and are not noticeable after a short time period of being stored correctly at our Warehouse. 


Due to the mass production of certain products, it is common to notice minor stitching errors. This can include slight deviation from the initial stitching, or stitching that has begun to slightly pull or fray. 


Tissue Paper

It is a common occurrence to find that the tissue paper within the boxes of these models tends to be of lower quality than other pairs. We frequently find that the quality of the tissue means it has a tendency to rip easily. Therefore, if you do receive a pair that includes slightly ripped tissue paper, then this is not considered a fault, as this is the condition in which the sneakers pass Nike Quality Checks. 

The above minor flaws are, as mentioned, a common occurrence on certain models, which as a consequence mean that any small errors similar to those listed above will not allow the product to be deemed ‘faulty’. 

In the unlikely event that you believe the pair has faults beyond the minor issues described above, then please contact our dedicated Customer Service Team ( and we can seek a resolution.